Three Marks of the Best Automated Forex Currency Trading Software in the Forex Market

Automated forex currency trading technology is more popular than ever for traders looking to outsource their trading work to a more cost-effective solution than a full-service broker. With literally hundreds of programs all vying for your attention, I’ve found that the best automated forex currency trading software I’ve tried in the past few years have all had these three things in common.

Guarantees – You shouldn’t be dealing with any publisher who doesn’t stand by their automated forex currency trading software enough to offer a full money back guarantee on it. A sign of good faith, I found that some publishers even encourage you to use that money back guarantee as collateral to try their program first hand. I’ve done this with dozens of programs and, versus those without a guarantee, these understandably always come out ahead.

Conservative Program – I recommend going with a more conservative automated forex currency trading program all around. Newer automated programs are being designed more in the style in which they keep much higher and greater standards while scouring through market behavior for high probability trading opportunities. This is in contrast to the more aggressive programs which I tried in the past which honestly enact a far greater number of trades but will often times lose more than they take in unless you are willing to control how they operate, which is not ideal for less experienced traders. Also, this to me defeats the purpose of automated forex currency trading if you are required to check in on how the software is performing from time to time and control how it trades.

Website – You can also learn a great deal about a program from its website based on how much time and money they put into it. It may sound obvious enough, but you can learn a great deal from this alone. Also, take a look at their customer service if they offer it at all. Obviously phone support is ideal, but if they are limited to e-mail support, don’t hold that against him and instead you might consider sending them an e-mail in which you simply express your interest in their program. Then you can gauge their response time as well as the quality of their response and from that you can learn a great deal. You’d be surprised at how many publishers don’t value your opinion of them enough to even respond at all.

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